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LED wall washer

HX-X-73 (RGB three in one 96W)

Name: HX-X-73 (RGB three in one 96W)
Size: 1000*76*76mm
Power: 96W
Source: RGB three in one LED chip, 32
Driving mode: constant current drive
Control mode: internal control
Using voltage: AC24V
Light emitting angle: 15 degree -45
Light body material: aluminum oxide, tempered glass
Change mode: gradual change and jump, multi program
Chip: wafer chip
Service life: more than 40 thousand hours
Protection level: IP65
Lens material: optical PMMA
Irradiation distance: 50 meters or more
Wall height: 4-6 M
Using ambient temperature: - 20 to 40
Features: RGB three chip package with a lamp, no shadow color color, more vivid colors, no stroboscopic beat shortcomings, so that the light is gentle. Power is three times of single chip, high brightness, is the preferred high-grade building lighting lighting, decorative lighting is also used in KTV and other places of luxury.
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